Is it possible to make a mobile app that can do the following?

I’m new to GDevelop but have an app/ game in mind. Before digging in to how to make the app, I want to be sure these things are possible.

In GDevelop, is it possible to:

  • Make a customizable avatar with different outfits and customization options
  • Make a shop where the player can use currency to buy the customization options and this shop refreshes with random items each day
  • Have it so the player can make their own to-do list and earn currency from doing so
  • The player can write and save their own notes
  • Make achievements that reward the player when they achieve those goals
  • Have video cutscenes
  • Make a battle card type game

If you can only answer the “if it’s possible”, I’ll be happy. If you can also answer the “how” to some, I’d be very much appreciative. But I mainly want to know if all this is possible to see if GDevelop is the right engine for the game app I want to create. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @ModestNeko welcome to the community!

For a better answer, could you please elaborate more on the following:

  • By currency do you mean real or in-game currency?
  • Where will the player write and save their own notes?
  • Are the battels online multiplayer with the avatars shown to other players?
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  1. I mainly meant in-game currency but it’s good to know if premium currency could work in a game too.
  2. I was just thinking that they would write the notes/ to-do lists in app and it’d save in app (locally to their own devices, not internet or anything).
  3. Preferably yes. Though for the first idea I had, it would just be a local avatar/ character for a single player experience. So basically it’d be good to know if either is possible.

All of your points are possible in GDevelop.

As for the “how” is a very broad question and can’t be answered without more elaborate context. The GDevelop documentation is great and there are plenty of tutorials, templates and topics here in the forum you can look up to learn and help you while working on your game. And if you’re stuck on something, then you can ask here and provide more context on specific problems you may need help with.

For the real currency, there’s an extension for in-app purchase you can check out and see if it does what you may need if you decide to add premium currency.

Online multiplayer is also possible and there are several ways of achieving it. Though I can’t say much about it cz I’ve never worked on a multiplayer game.