Is it possible to make Dating mechanics in gdevelop like stardew valley?

I searched but couldn’t find anything about it… So can anyone tell me is it possible to make it?

Hi, the answer is yes. Why do you think it is not possible? Here is someone with a devlog of a dating sim made in Gdevelop: Spyro Dating Sim Prototype Devlog #1 - YouTube

If you cannot find an example or tutorial that covers a specific game genre, you might be more successful to search for the game mechanics that you actually need for making your game. In your case this is probably a dialogue system, UI and stats for the player and npcs. All of this is covered by tutorials and/or examples.

I searched for tutorials for this mechanic but couldn’t find it, Do you know any tutorial video for this?

No, only the devlog, which is not showing really how things were done.

But I gave you some hints what you could look into. For interaction you need to know how to make dialogues. This is covered in several tutorials and also in this example: Dialogue tree with yarn - a game example from the GDevelop game making app | GDevelop.

The rest is basically variables (probably lots of them) which change depending on what you are doing in the game and triggering a response if they hit a specific value (for example: you talk to a NPC → their sympathy for you is increasing by 1 point → after 5 points they start to talk differently etc.). Here is a tutorial about player stats: GDevelop: How to make a Simple Character Level Up System - YouTube

First you need to figure out which elements are needed for making the system you like. Then you can think about how to implement them, try it and if you get stuck you can ask here for help.