Is it possible to use two different resolution resize modes in a game?

I have a mobile game with different scenes that need to be scaled using various events. In the main properties, I have selected “No changes to the game size,” and I am only using commands for scaling at the beginning of each scene.

For example, Scene 1 is scaled using the following:

Activate Fullscreen: Yes (Keep aspect ratio: No)
Automatically adapt the game resolution: Yes
Set game resolution resize mode to “AdaptWidth”

However, Scene 2 is only scaled using Activate Fullscreen: Yes and Automatically adapt the game resolution: Yes.

But because a scene using “AdaptWidth” starts first, the game stays at “AdaptWidth” even when I change the scene, even though there is no command to do so in that particular scene.

I need a solution to be able to switch these scaling methods independently in each scene.

Please see the attached screenshot for clarification.