Is it too late for my game to have multitouch enabled?

Previously, the only control my game had was a mere joystick. I used Wishforge’s tutorial to create my joystick by the way.
Due to that, I never took multitouching into consideration.

But now, I wanted to add a new mechanic into my game and it calls for an “Action Button” to be used while controlling the joystick. The UI of my game at the moment looked like this:

I’ve been trying to follow guides/tutorials and even helps from previous forum threads in hope that I could implement the events into my game. I’ve been trying to follow this one especially:

But NONE worked, heck, some implementations even made my current existing joystick go haywire.
Is there still a possibility for me to implement these multitouch conditions and actions into my game without destroying all of the events?

This is how my event sheet look like. I dont know where to put the multitouch events honestly…I dont know the right places to put it.

The joystick event:

And the action button event:

Any help is greatly appreciated!

There is an extension called “Multitouch joystick and buttons”

I’m guessing it does what you want already without having to code the events yourself.

I tried the extension, added some conditions and actions with it but unfortunately, the multitouch feature didn’t work… :sob: :sob:

Here’s where I implemented the extension on the action button:

And here’s where I implemented the extension on the joystick event:

Yeah…It didn’t work unfortunately… What am I missing here?