Is MQTT support possible?

I know this wouldn’t be a popular feature, but I was playing with making some games to be integrated with hardware props in an escape room and it would be amazing magic if I was able to subscribe and post to an mqtt server. Is that at all possible?


Technically, it is possible, if you know java.

*JavaScript. Java is a completely different language :wink:

Oldschool here, I still say “basic” for
But yes, you’re right, it’s misleading to say Java

I’m rubbish at both java and javascript. For any gurus, do you have a ballpark idea how much work it would be to integrate it into gdevelop? (wondering if its something I could bounty)

For this kind of stuff, if your escape room is legit, I would suggest hiring someone who knows Javascript.

It wouldn’t be that hard to integrate I guess, the problem is more that 4ian probably will be against polluting the extension namespace for such a feature that 99,9999999% of the user would never need.

That’s fair enough. I thought that mqtt might be cool as a low bandwidth way to do multiplayer, but maybe not. Oh well!