Is music excluded when pausing a scene and then reloading it later?

I have two pieces of background music playing in my main scene. I made a dialogue scene which I used the “Pause the scene and start ___” action to start it. Upon using “Stop the scene and go back to the previous paused one” at the end of the dialogue, everything in the main scene reloads except for the music. Also, the music for the dialogue scene continues playing. Weird thing is, the music transitions properly from the main to the dialogue scene, but not from the dialogue back to the main scene.

The quick and dirty solution I came up with is to just stop all the music channels at the end of the dialogue scene and load the music back up for the main scene. Before I do that, though, I figured maybe I was doing something wrong when pausing the scene. It seems weird that everything would properly pause and reload except for the sound.

Thanks in advance for any help/tips

Don’t know if this might help but in the Dialogue scene, right click anywhere (in empty spaces) in the scene editor and click on Scene Property. Uncheck that Stop Music and Sound On Startup. If you do that then the sound will keep playing even after you launch that scene.

Well I didn’t get it working, but I think what you said helps everything make sense:

When the main scene starts, it loads the music (which is how I have it set up).
When the dialogue scene starts, it stops the main music (which is a good thing) and plays the dialogue music.
When the main scene reloads, that doesn’t count as starting, and since pausing/reloading doesn’t effect the music, only starting a scene that’s set to stop music when it starts (such as the dialogue scene), the main music remains stopped from the begin of the dialogue scene.
So I either have to restart the main scene music, or find a setting that lets me pause/play music when is scene is paused/reloaded. Not sure if I can do that, though.