Is pixel art generation possible in GDevelop?

I just saw this and am now wondering if it is doable in GDevelop?
Thank you for the help.


I saw this too. And you can do this in gdevelop but may be a bit hard to implement this still doable I think.
In the example below let’s you choose a colour object’s when clicking on it. You can change the condition as variable = 1 for example and build your own pixel generated sprite but of course it will created by a lot of sprites. But I don’t think it would affect the performance of the game much.

Random color picker - a game example from the GDevelop game making app | GDevelop

There is also this extension that could be helpful

But for getting the whole thing to work you would need something like the special asset importer that is mentioned in 4:03 but not really explained in detail.

In the FAQ posted below the video it is also mentioned that this procedure is useful for smaller canvas sizes (the person who made the video is using 24x24px sprites). Certainly I am too ignorant to grasp the full potential of this method, but I would think that for sprites of this size, unless there are not countless animations with an incredible large amount of frames and the need for many iterations with different colors/shapes, the changes could be done in a short period by hand too.

Of course the actual method is really cool, but I wonder how useful it really is for small sprites with a few animations.