Is possible store X,Y Position in same Variable?

My question is on title, is possible?

It’s very possible :smiley: (you need two variables)
You can save any value in variables. You could check things like that yourself (with the Debugger, writing a text, with a text object, etc.)

If I remember rightly, the syntax is just basically : Variable VariableName = Object.X()

I know… but i’m saying of X and Y in same variable. The value is like 100;100 (x,y) in var can i write this and read this position?

I do not want:

Variable Position1 Child X = Value Child Y = Value Variable Position2 Child X = Value Child Y = Value

I want:

Variable Position1 Child Pos = X,Y Coordinates Child InUse = 0 ( has an object in this position ) Variable Position2 Child Pos = X,Y Coordinates Child InUse = 0 ( has an object in this position )

It’s a very over-complex way of doing it. =/

Child Pos = X,Y Coordinates

You want to store a list/array, the closest thing to this in GD are child variables, so… no… there is no way of doing it in one variable :frowning:
But you can make it:

Variables Position_1 X = x coord Y = y coord InUse = 0
Then you can use: Variable(Position_1.X) , Variable(Position_1.Y) and Variable(Position_1.InUse)

Ok, thanks i know about child, but if can’t be used a unique variable to store vector2 value, its ok :confused:

These are exactly for such things that child variables exists. This mimics any programming language offering objects or structure.
You can have a variable containing two sub variables x/y:

MyObject.Variable(pos.x) MyObject.Variable(pos.y)

It can even be a sub variable of another variable:

MyObject.Variable(theTarget.pos.x) MyObject.Variable(theTarget.pos.y)

It would be great if “theTarget” were an object, sadly you cannot store objects as variables…