Is Specific Pathfinding possible?

Looking for some help with pathfinding.
I have 8-way direction on my enemies. I got it to work but instead of moving in just 8 directions, the enemies glide through to the next direction.
Imagine if instead of going up then up left then left. It keeps moving the whole time.
I want it to only move in the direction it is facing. Hard locking 8 directions.
Thanks for any help.

Are you working on a grid?

I think that I tried that but I was confused about diagnals on a grid. I’ll have to work with that more.

I’m at work, but I think I figured it out. I had pathfinding set to “greater/less than” angles. When I get home I’ll set it to “equal to” set angle and maybe it’ll stay going in straight lines.

Ok i was going to suggest link pathfinding but the might look too grid based for you and I’m not sure how to deal with changing animations for it.