Is the "distance between two objects" supposed to work like this?

I was working on a TD type of game and I couldn’t get the towers to home on the enemies. To be more specific, I wanted the towers to home on the enemies in range, but despite my game logic making sense, I couldn’t understand why the towers weren’t working, so I added this line here:

Which would tell me which enemies objects count as inside the tower range. This is what I got.

it makes no sense

No, I’m not bringing these instances of enemy object sprites back to the spawner; in fact, even the debugger counts them as different instances, yet, some of them retain the tint color despite that.
What’s happening?

Is there only 1 bow (visible or not visible)? Are you deleting and creating new PokeyBub or reusing them? If you’re reusing them, are you resetting the tint when they’re respawned?

Otherwise, we might need some more info.

Yes only one

Deleting and creating them: as said before, the debugger even has different instance numbers for them.

IDK. Instances sometimes act weird. You think you’re changing one but you’re changing them all.

It looks like it’s only firing when they’re close. IDK.

Can you provide more context around the tint colouring, and show the events around the tint command? and how are you creating them?

Has this been confirmed in the debugger or the list of instances in the editor?

It’s just that one event; there’s no other line about tinting the enemies.
As I said before, I’ve put the tinting event as a way to debug tower range, as the tower is supposed to shoot when enemies enter in its range, and stop shooting when they’re out of the range, but would only start shooting when all enemies were in range, so to debug, I’ve made the enemies tint themselves when in tower range.

Here’s how I’m deleting the objects on screen

Here’s how I’m spawning them.
There’s a “onCreate” type of behavior that I implemented like this; might be interesting to look at, I’m not really sure:

And yes, the debugger confirms there’s only one instance of the bow and the instances of enemies are different

tinting will stay even after the condition is not true anymore, to see which one are still affected by the condition tint them to another color in the preceding event so that all are always put back on a baseline color and only get retinted to the other color as long as they are in range

The question is, how does it keep being true if the object that the tinting was applied to doesn’t exist anymore?

The tinting seems to be a bug. I created a simple project and the tint is surving the delete. I remember reading somewhere that objects aren’t really deleted, they get reused. IDK if it’s timing but the tint isn’t being reset.

When the fly is close to the monster, I spin the monster and both tint and reduce the height. I delete with a mouse press. Some flies spawn tinted but not flat and the monster doesn’t spin when they appear.