Is there a comprehensive list of what specific OS versions current GDevelop exports run on?

I am going to release my game, Cy: Cyberpunk Survivors, on Steam in the not-too-distant future and they want to know what OS versions it will run on. I plan to release it on macOS, Windows, and Linux. Is there a list of what versions the current exports run on?

Thank you, Morgan.

I know the engine itself doesn’t run on any 32 bit OS (officially, although there are some unofficial methods that aren’t current as far as I Know), but I’m unclear if exports have that same requirement.

Generally you should not support “end of life” OS (for a myriad of reasons, some of which include graphics drivers no longer being updated so your game could be blamed for something outside of your control), which means anything older than Windows 8.1 should not be listed on the windows side.

Outside of that, your game should run on any OS that still has the current release of Chrome available for it. This doesn’t mean it will run well, but it should run.
(Chrome also no longer supports 32 bit OS, but you can likely refer to Chrome’s documentation to see what OS versions it supports)

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Thanks for the info!

Another question. On the steam page, it asks about you to provide this info about if your game runs on iOS:

Specify Apple Silicon, Intel or both. For example: “Apple M1 or Intel Core M”. If your build is Intel only and does not run well on Apple Silicon through Rosetta, please include “Intel Only”.

Does the GD export work on both processor types?