Is there a way to change z order at once of multiple same object placed in a scene?

For example I have coin object, that is placed 300 times in the map, now I need to change z order of all at once to 2

add all the objects to a group then change zOrder of that group

changing group z order is through event/action, will change it after game starts.
Its long story but I need to change the official z order of the coin object, in the editor

Not that I’m aware of in GDevelop editor.

The safest method I can think of is to list all the instances (using image ), and clicking on each coin object in turn (you can’t select multiple items in the items list, unfortunately), and edit the z-order. Yes, it’s cumbersome and a bit of a pain, but it’ll give you all the instances on the scene without having to hunt for them visually :neutral_face: .

Alternatively, you could write a macro in a text editor (like notepad++), and edit the game JSON file directly. But if you get any bit wrong, it’ll screw up the game file. So make a backup first.

Thanks for telling all the methods, I didn’t thought about editing json file, but it will take even longer than changing z order of each coin instances in the editor.

So there is no proper way of doing it. Then should I add it in the feature request category?

By all means do that. I’d suggest extra functionality on the list of instances. The ability to select multiple objects in the list of instances (say by way of a checkbox) would be the most useful, along with an order by or a filter option on the list of instances.

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