Is there a way to create a 3D rectangle that rotates with your phone movement?

I can’t think of an example right now so I made a quick one in Spline. (Link below)

If you are on a desktop just move the mouse, if you are on phone hold your finger and hover it around. Notice the slight movement of the blue rectangle? There are games out there that do this but without the need to touch anywhere, you just rotate your phone a bit and with the help of sensors the object moves a bit. I think card games are doing this, it gives a nice feeling when you preview your cards.

Is there a way to create this effect in Gdevelop?

I noticed that there are conditions and actions for sensors but I have not messed a lot with them yet along 3D objects.


Instead of using the motion sensors, use the orientation sensors.

Here’s a simple GDevelop example that uses them.

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