Is there a way to hook a rhythm game to external text files?

I’m still a beginner I’d say at using GDevelop but I have been getting the hang of it since last year. Now I’m planning on making a rhythm game, but I want to be able to have the note charts in the form of coded text files just like what is done with Friday Night Funkin’ instead of just hard coding the patterns into the game as it would be more convenient and flexible. But I’m lost here as I can’t seem to find any tutorials on how to do this. I’m not even sure if it is possible. Any help would be really appreciated!

It sure is possible, though the difficulty will depend on how you decide to do it.
The action under the filesystem category allow you to load a file, but then you have a choice:

You could have the chart represented as JSON, which might be not the most intuitive for your players, but will be extremely easy for you to set-up.

Else, you could make your own format, but will have to make a parser for it in GDevelop by yourself, which, while totally feasible without much issues, can be hard to do without prior programming knowledge.

Either way, you’ll probably have parsed your chart file’s text into an array of notes/beats/buttons to press. Each note probably will have a timing, and some other information about the type of input expected from the user. Use a for each child variable to check for each variable if their timing in the song has been reached (use the song’s seek, gettable via an expression), do what your games supposed to do at that moment, for example if the game is an FNF clone, spawn an arrow of the type that you would have specified next to the timing information.

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