Is there a way to make scenes run in the background while you've already started another scene?

If I start scene 1 for example and I want scene 2 to run at the same time so that every time I switch between scenes it doesn’t stop running, how do I go about doing this?

As far as I know, scenes are mutually exclusive.

However, you could do everything in one scene, but have different sets of layers, then just hide all the scene 1 layers when on scene 2? And make sure any ai/events have the (is visible) condition

Yeah. If you really think about it, the change opacity feature can do a lot of things for your game. Thanks for clearing this up

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Opacity != Hiding. The opacity is made to change, well, the opacity, but NOT for hiding stuff. It’s a bad practice, as making opacity 0 will sure also make your sprite invisible, but there is a crucial difference with the Hide action. Even if your sprite is not visible, if it is not marked as hidden, it will still be rendered. That means a big loss of performance, as rendering invisible objects is unnecessary and still takes much performance. So do not use opacity but the Hide action, especially if you are talking about whole levels.


Alright I’ll try to use that when I need to. There’s something else I’m kind of wondering though and I know this wasn’t the question but, since I know there’s a way to make something disappear but it still works (like an invisible button for example that when pressed even though you can’t see it, it still works) I’m wondering if the hiding option would make it to where it doesn’t work (button turns invisible but you can no longer press it like the object basically got deleted while in game but not in the editor of course). If that’s not what it does, then I’m actually kind of wondering how you would make something get deleted while playing the game, as oppose to just making it invisible and it still works.

Oh wait actually I think there’s a delete object option in the events so Idk that might be it.