Is there a way to make the camera shake?

I want to add an event that makes the screen seem to shake for a second and then return to where the camera was before.

This is my attempt, it moves the camera once and then stays out of place.

Any ideas?

there are many ways. the complexity depends on what effect you want.
the easiest would be to use the extension, ready to download.
I have not tried it, so idk how good it is.

my favorite so far, i did a while ago, inspired by this GDC Talk

Thanks Slash! How do I download the extension?

Sorry, I’m a complete newbie

Hi, I know maybe is late but you can see an example here

And get the code here

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Thanks! I think this is the only part that I need but I don’t know how to add that as an action in my own project.

How do I download the shake camera action as nothing comes up when I search for it.

Sorry if I’m being stupid but I can’t find it anywhere! :laughing:

On the left side of the main menu, you see behaviours extensions. There you can search for it

Thank you SO MUCH! I have been looking for so long!!

The extension is great, I haven’t explored it much yet but am using it as a basic placeholder and I think it’s wonderful. I’m planning on tinkering with it somewhere down the line. Let me know if you learn anything useful about getting the whole scene to shake rather than it being only on one layer. But for what it is I love it.

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