Is there a way to really quit the game?

Quit the game just minimize it!

Are you sure you’re using the “Quit the Game” action? I’ve tested now in both previews and a compiled game on Windows.

In both instances this event has the game quit entirely:

On android apk it only minimizes, I can confirm this

Wow, I haven’t messed with android at all, but that seems like a bug.

Some quick googling makes it look like if you put this into a javascript event, it might work:;

You might try that and see if it does what you expect. Otherwise I might ask @Bouh or @arthuro555 to look at this to see if the Exit the Game event needs a change.

i never used java script events
i have no clue if there needs to be more, but this:

did not work.

I found this code, but I cannot test it right now.

I’m pretty sure it needs a fix

You are missing the closing ; from the;.

Not sure whether it will work regardless, but worth a shot.

This is not really a bug as on Android you are not supposed to completely close the app, only minimize and let the user decide when the app closes. See this for a workaround: android - minimizes instead of exiting - Stack Overflow

So, it is better do not use the “quit the game” option and let the user close the game himself. The action induces the user think the app is shut off, when actually it’s running on background, consuming resources. It’s useless for Android.

You could always us the “is a mobile device” condition to show/hide your exit button/event.