Is there a way to use 2D animations with 3D objects?

I also posted this in feature requests but can you use a 2D animation on one of the facets of a 3D cube, for example, or can you only use a single, static image? I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything.

Thank you.

Since I can’t use animations on the faces of the 3D cube object, I have to use clunky events like this:

@arthuro555 - do you know if using 2D animations on 3D objects is possible or if it will be so in the future? Is there anything I’m missing?

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Sadly, the 3D object, just like other non-standard sprite objects like the tiled or panel object, do not have animations. I can’t say for sure when or if support will be added, I wouldn’t bet on it getting added in the foreseeable future I’m afraid.

Thanks for the info @arthuro555.