Is there an easy way to create slo motion?

I’m curious if there is a simple way to slow down the speed of my entire game when the players death variable is triggered. I’m attempting to create a slo motion effect once the player dies.


Hello !

Yes you can easily use the action “change the time scale” in the timer category. It’s easy to use, just set a value under 1.


Excellent! I figured there was a quick solution. I’ll test and post the results here. Thank you!

Slo motion death
Here are the results of using a timescale change to 0.25 when the player dies. Worked out well! I also had to increase the density of physics objects because the timescale change made impulses applied in physics2.0 more powerful. Which sent the shell casings flying way too high in the slow motion state before I increased their density during that change.