Is there any way to delete collision mask?

is there any way to delete collision mask fully? i mean delete it not place at top corner or something, just delete it. is it possible?

No, it’s not possible from what I know. Why do you need to anyway? Why can’t you just ignore the collision?

Is it possible to ignore? How to ignore?

Are you asking about regular collision or the Physics2 behavior? You can disable layers and masks for the separate physics collision.

If you’re talking about the basic collision, it’s just a matter of picking the objects that you want to check. There are so many ways to basically filter your picked objects. If that’s the case, it’s lengthy and I don’t want to get into it if that’s not what
you’re asking.

You used to be able to, but a while back it was removed (see this thread and GitHub). Apparently it was never supposed to be that way. I ended up having to do a lot of “work arounds”.