Is there any way to fix this

Hello everyone. This sometimes occurs and maybe because it gets inside the hitbox of others. But can we fix
this? Which I refer to as the sprite shaking, can we fix this? If someone has any solution, please tell me.

Which part of your video is the issue?

Same happens to me sometimes there is no fix really just put the jump thru platform to the player jump height
For instance in my game normally I use a Text object to check how much pixels my player can jump so all the platforms with jump thru are positioned in the game to 8 pixels less than the player max jump height so this way never fails.


The sprite shaking part. The one where I throw the box up and when I jump myself, I start dancing.

Looks like you’re stuck inside the jump thru.
If you can share a dummy project reproducing the issue, I’ll forward to the devs.

I don’t think this is a bug. I have two platforms, one is a box and another is ground. Whenever I try to jump on the ground with a box above, I get inside the jump thru or we can say ground. It is similar to Minecraft’s suffocating, you get in between two solid platforms. But, I am asking if we can fix this?

Oh I get it now in that case you need to modify the gravity of the box when is above the player, so it will not affect to the player and it will be a little faster and suppose less weight to the player jump.
try something like
if box.Y() < Payer.Y()
Set box gravity to xxx where xxx is less value as it’s usual
so then in another event check

if box is not collision with player && box is not in collision with floor
Set gravity to regular value

Woah! Maybe, I got an idea of how I can fix this problem. Maybe I can do:
If Player.Y()<Box.PointY(“Top”) (this point is basically the roof of the box) && Box is on floor
Then Activate the behavior Platform of Box: No

Also, about changing gravity, I think you got it wrong. The Box also has a Platform Behavior, a jump thru. That’s why the Player “dances”. And maybe, toggling the behavior of box may fix the problem.

My bad, normally when I need moving objects I add the Platformer behavior instead of the Platform.
So if I need to move then it’s easy because of the platformer commands.
I took the idea from here

Yes, there are both Platform and Platformer. But the Platform behavior is the one causing the problem.