Is there anyway to stop the animations lagging the game when they are plaid for the first time?

Every time I open the game and play an animation it lags for a bit but after it’s played 1 time plays normally. Is it because of my pc or does it happen to everyone and is there anyway to fix it?

Definitely not normal.

Does that happen to you on the examples included with the enginr like the retro shooter or Not-a-vania?

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No it doesn’t. Only on my projects

Then it is something specific to your projects. Likely either with your events (not using trigger once on every animation event is a common one.) or using assets way too large (even hollow knight only uses 128x128 as its largest single sprite. You shouldn’t have anything larger than that for characters).

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oh ok its probably the asstets because i make them very large and scale them down in the engine