Is there way to jump between the scenes

Is there way to jump between the scenes ,I know change to the scene event is there ,but is thier way to jump to one scene to not the beginning of other scene but at certain animation of spirite at other scene

You can switch between scenes and pause the previous scene and you can return to the previous scene and resume it.

What you cannot do is use an action or condition of one scene for another.

So is it possible for let say

We have scene one and object A has different animations 1,2,3

I m at animation 2

When animation 2 finishes global variable changes and it changes to scene 2

In Scene 2, there is a undo button when that is pressed we can go back to scene 1 , animation 2

The part where where it all started

Is it possible

You have helped me a lot previously , thanks a lot @Slash

If you use pause scene and resume scene, then Yes, that will work