Is This a Yarn Bug?

When I click the link button, or enter [[ I get this…

Note it looks to me like a link within a link, or rather trailling pipe and brackets… surely it should be something like…

[[Yes, please|yes]]
[[No, thanks|no]]

Is this a bug? Or does Yarn have really bizarre syntax?

Hello, yes, this is a bug, not the syntax.

I had the same problem when using Yarn, but I never found out if there was a way to avoid it.

Thanks… good to know… thought it looked odd.

As a follow-up question… It looks like you can export a Yarn project as Twee and maybe get it into Twine… but I’d be interested about working the other way. Can I create a project in Twine, and import the Twee file that is exported from there. I only ask because the UI of Twine seems slightly better and maybe more familiar. AND I could develop and test those bits outside of a bigger project.

Or is that a completely daft idea?


I think I may have found another Yarn /bug/feature.

In trying to learn Yar, I was working on my project, went to another Yarn project in a different tab to learn from, and when I came back to my project, the Yarn data had gone (both online).

I quit the project and re-opened it, and the Yarn data was back again.

Am I right in saying you can’t edit two Yarn projects at the same time?


Hey, I’ve been using Yarn for about 2 years now. There’s a bunch of issues, some of which I’ve reported, because the program isn’t updated. But with a bit of patience, it works well and I’m using it pretty much every day.

I know Twine and it’s really stable and safe: honestly, I’d be worried about transferring everything to Yarn, not sure if there might be some more or less serious bugs. I don’t know if you use SugarCube or other types of Twine, so you might want to do some tests… and hope for the best!

For your second question: it’s never happened to me. I work on Windows, and I always keep Gdevelop up to date. Were the file names in Yarn different?

I’d really like to see an updated version of Yarn and, above all, more comprehensive documentation!