Is this the proper way to use AdMob


Is this the proper way to use AdMob for Android game?

please see:

my goal is that when the player completes the level, player moves to a new location after that.
and then ads shows, and when the ads stop showing that the player appears on location, and you can continue playing the game.

how long does Interstitial ads last ? (30 seconds) ?

Thank you

This cannot work for obvious reasons.
You’re loading an ad with a trigger once, and you’re checking if the ad is finished under the same trigger once.

On a side note, avoid “is this how to do it?”.
Try it, and if it works, good for you, and if it doesn’t, explain what happens and what should happen instead.

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yes, it is not working. i was testing :frowning:

in a meanwhile i was working for banner ad.

which should be displayed during the pause:

and this is working just fine.

now the only thing i need to make Interstitial ads work between each new level in the game.

therefore you suggest me to put it separately ?

to put checking if the ad is finished in seperate new event ?

Thank you