Isometric Jumping Example

Hello, I’ve made another example project for isometric games. The purpose of this is to help the community in dealing with Jumping on Isometric platforms. It has jumping feature, but for now is only limited for one direction only ( I’ll be working on for every direction sooner or later :smile: ).

It had great mobile support ( According to my test, I’ve got 55-60 FPS in Android 5.0 with average specs ). You can modify, improve, and own the Project :smiley: . Its not nearly perfect, but it can do its job pretty well :smiley: .

4 Iso1 3


Hope this helps :smiley:


The link doesnt seem to be working. Think you could update it?

Hi, I’m sorry to say that the file is no longer available. My backup of it got removed after I reinstall my operating system.

edit: I think this might help you since its related to isometry.
(Isometric Platformer Game Example)

Here’s a backup.
Link should be valid one year.

Hi, very interested on this file but it’s no longer available, can you upload it again, please. Big thanks!!

Welcome here :slight_smile:
Damn, they lied about the lifespan.
Let’s try another one :wink:

Hi Gruk, downloaded!, Thanks.