Isometric sprite not snapping to grid correctly

What you want to do?

I want to use community isometric sprites in gdevelop with snap-to-grid.

What is the issue?

Started with the isometric example found at:

Downloaded community isometric sprites from:

I set up the grid to match the sprite size 100x65 pixels. Imported sprites do not snap to grid as expected.

Give a screenshot of the events

See attached screenshot named screenshot-level.png. The events tab is empty.

Hi, did you set the z-order of your sprites? For a seamless road the z-order for the left sprites has to be higher. You can set that in the properties window for each sprite.

Btw, making your map (especially an isometric one) with tiles in Gdevelop is quite tedious and not without frustration. Making the basic map in Tiled is probably a more pleasant experience.

Edit: I just realized that you asked about the grid and not the sprites, so what I wrote is not related to that.

Edit 2: If this is what you actually want:

you have to set the grid to a height of 50 for your sprites.

Thanks for the help, I got the problem resolved!