Isometric tile building

I’m trying to make an Isometric town building like game, to do that though I need to allow the player to build tiles. How would I go about doing this and does anyone have an example project I could look at?
I’m planning to use Sketch Town by Kenney (Assets) for the project.

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This is the generic isometric example:

However, if you want an example of grid snapping and placing, check the forum for similar projects. Most of those projects most likely work with 2D grids / tiles, but you could still snap isometric tiles to a 2D grid.

Hi there I’m not really sure what you mean build tiles. Do you want an example of making an item shop to buy tiles or dragging tiles around or??

This example paints on an isometric grid. It’s only one level but maybe it can help.

They will definitely need this example, if only to extract the Isometry Helper extension for use in their project. Or anyways I have never been able to find it when searching extensions.