Issue under Console bar on preview

My preview has not been respondihg to any other command than the first and second events(i.e, every other events except the first and second is not loading in my preview).
So i decided to check what the issue can be, i will be attaching an image of what it brought out.

How do i go about it? I don’t understand what i was asked to do, if anyone can break it down and explain… I’ll be glad.
Thank you.

So it only actions the Beginning of scene and the Left key pressed event?

I’d have thought it doesn’t action the Beginning of scene / space key pressed... event, because

  1. you cannot have started the timer “FIRERATE” (the condition is the in the first event, so nothing’s been actioned yet).
  2. The first event will only get actioned once when the scene opens - it’s in a beginning of scene, after all.

I think your fix would be :

  1. Take away that Beginning of scene condition.
  2. Add an event before the first one, and have it with only a Beginning of scene condition, and an action that starts/resets timer “FIRERATE”.

So you’re saying if I’m going to start or reset a timer, I should always add it to “at the beginning of the scene” …action?
Okay then. Thank you.

What about the issue shown on the preview ?
Is it same meaning? And what’s the fix for it if it’s not?
This image

Once again, thanks for the help.

I have replied to your (duplicate) private messages, so I’ll close this topic.