Issue when jumping under a platform

I searched for a post about this but I did not find any.

I noticed a bug that is very easy to recreate.

Simply create a platform and a platformer character, both with the default behavior.

Make the platform 32 x 32 and the character also 32 x 32 (or any numbers as long as they are both the same dimensions).

If the character is flush under the platform and you try to jump, you won’t be able to jump after. You can still move left to right but jumping is disabled. (see picture)

Is that a known issue ? Any way of solving it ?!


Do you have the platform type set to jump thru?

No, it is set to platform.

As long as the bottom of the hitbox touches the floor and the the top of it touches the platform and you try to jump that will happen.

A player cannot jump thru a platform a player can only jump thru a jump thru platform.

Set your object as a jump thru platform and It should work fine.

I’m not trying to jump through the platform.

What happens if that if you press jump in that situation, you will not be able to jump anymore even when you normally should be able to.

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I found this on the github page, this is exactly what’s happening:


I “solved” this by moving player y position -1 (or -2) before jump.

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Sorry for the misunderstanding.
That should be a bug