Issue with dialogue tree

I am running into an issue with the dialogue tree, when the dialogue tree moves to a new node the old text remains and the new text pops up. I attached the test project to show what I am talking about. The issue seems to show up once a node has options text in it.

GD Project

The part after the birth date is on a new node.

Hey spintron15 this is already a know issue that should have been fixed in the lastest version (beta 90) I have let the devs know it’s still an issue (since It’s a problem I have as well)

Original Thread: Yarn: Lines of text merging together when using commands on the Yarn node - #7 by blurymind
Github: fix yarn command type clips empty space between two text types by blurymind · Pull Request #1491 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub


That explains it, thank you!