Issue with light and imported tiles from Tiled

When adding a Light to my scene and putting it on top of the tiles that were imported from Tiled, the light doesn’t work properly. Parts of the tilemap remain brighter color than they were supposed to.

The difference between the properly lighted parts of the tiles and those that are not properly lighted is that while I was creating the tiles in Tiled, I had to make 2 layers. So the 2nd layer are parts that are not lighted correctly.

Light is properly shined when running game with a debug on the Light.

With no debug
Light no debug
With debug
Light debug

Unfortunately, The tilemap module for pixijs, what is used for Tilemaps in GDevelop, does not support blend modes, which is needed for the lighting engine to work fully.

As far as I know, until that other project changes/fixes/updates that, there is not a way to make them compatible in GDevelop.

Should I import tiles as an image, or maybe a sprite? How would that affect the performance of the game?

If you absolutely must use the lighting engine, I would probably slice up your map into multiple images and load them as sprites.

I will reconsider using the lighting engine. Thanks for the help.