Issue with my Dialogue Box

What I am trying to Do

I am trying to attempt a very simple dialogue box that happens after you press a specific button, that triggers only when you’re in the proximity of a character. I wanted this specific dialogue (Dialogue 1, which is a test) to be related to this character, so I set it to 1. Whenever the Variable is 1 and not 0, the box pops up and shows the text. There’s also a button that is at the bottom of the box that simply closes it. That one works just fine, I tried it.

What actually Happens

The damn dialogue never opens up in the first place. I tried getting far away from the sprite, very close, and right up their face, but nothing happens. FYI, if this might help, they have a collision box right onto their feet, would that interfere with the pixel calculation? It’s a separate object from the actual sprite, mind you.

Also the Dialogue box is in a separate layer, did that to keep things tidy.

Bumping the topic because I still need help.

Firstly, you don’t need that “All these conditions are true” in the second event. All conditions need to be true for the action to be processed.

Does it work if you take away the “If all of the conditions are true” and the distance check conditions?

Are the objects both on the same layer? Are the layers aligned? Does it work with a larger distance number? Make it extreme just to test it.

Edit: you can also use the debugger or another text object to dislpay the distance in realtime using the distance between positions expression.

Set the text of either a text object or use the debugger with log message to the console to:
ToString(DistanceBetweenPositions(ObjectName1.X(), ObjectName1.Y(), ObjName2.X(), ObjectName2.Y() ))

(Replace the object names with the respective object’s names.)