Issue with shape painter

I have encountered the same problem several times with the object of painter of shapes but this time I decided to talk about it.
Regardless of the shape (I tried with lines and circles) there are cases when the shape doesn’t appear even though it’s been drawn.

However I know the shape has been drawn:
-because I can see it for a split second before it disappears
-the good number of shapes is counted with Count(Object)

Where does the problem come from?
For example, I drew a circle in the center of each hexagon. Circles are displayed for very short instant at the beginning of the scene but disappear. And the number of instances of circle is right (875).

In your ShapePainter settings, make sure the “Clear the rendered image between each frame” is unchecked :


Also (pre-empting a future query), if the “Draw the shapes relative…” is checked, ShapePainter will not draw the line/shape where you specify. It uses the co-ordinates as the offset from where the ShapePainter object is positioned.

So, for example, if you place the ShapePainter object at (450, 333)a drawing a circle with a position (100,150), it will be drawn at (550, 483) - (550 = 450+100, 483 = 333+150). So either unckeck that box, or position the ShapePainter object at the origin (0,0).

I don’t have “Clear the rendered image between each frame”

What version of GDevelop are you using (it looks old, BTW, with the editor screen shot you have in the first post)?

The latest version is 119. I’d suggest you click on the update option on the Help → About Gdevelop. If that fails, then save you work, and download and install the latest (there’s a link at the top of this page).

Doesn’t want to update.
Do I need to uninstall my version before installing the most recent one?

Save your project first, then close GDevelop and just install the next version.

This is the version 117 on the download page

Version 119 is available for download from GitHub, but 117 will be fine too.

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I don’t understand why
-for the circles I have to uncheck “Clear the rendered image between each frame” is unchecked
-but check it for the hexagons.

If I uncheck both, only circles are displayed:

You draw the hexagons? I thought they were a sprite?

If you are drawing them as well as having the sprites, then they’re being drawn over the top of the sprites and you should check the colour used for the hexagon ShapePainter