Issue with the "point inside object" condition

Hello! My issue is simple: I would like the system to create an object at position X,Y if and only if there is no instance of that in the position X,Y. I thought about putting an event “If the point X,Y isn’t inside the object, create the object at position X,Y” but it keeps creating instances of the object endlessly. How can I do?

use variables as spawn points.
set spawnpoints to random, check if inside object, reroll while yes.
if no, spawn object at variables.

the problem with this method is, it can take very long, if there is almost no space left to spawn, and will freeze, if no spot is left.
you could add the condition, if number of objects is less then appropriate number (idk, maybe 50% of full placement?)

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Thanks, but I’m only interested in the last event of your screenshot: in fact I would like an event that creates an object if and only if there is no instance of the object at that position. There’s a strange issue: if I insert an event like that, the system ignores the condition and keeps creating the object over and over. Why does he behave like this? What am I doing wrong?

The last condition in my events is not needed, and served no purpose.

If you have another object somewhere the condition becomes true, since there is an object where the point is not inside

Idk what you try to do, but if you want to check against a specific object, you need to specify it

What you can do;
if point is inside object / Set a variable collusion to 1
If variable collusion is 0, create object at point and set variable collusion to 1