Issues and Questions about THNK Rooms/Relay

Good day all. I’m working on a game using THNK Rooms/Relay, and I need some help. There are a few issues I need addressed, with the PlayerState access one being the most urgent, and, if possible, to be answered soon, as it will delay my game significantly.

  • I need to be able to know how to access PlayerState from the server. This is a critical component to my game. I feel that the THNK documentation is lacking in this area, and once I know how, I’ll update the docs for the greater good. Also, do State and PlayerState variables need to be defined in a special way to be synced, or can I name two variables PlayerState and State and they’ll just sync automatically?

  • I’m using a Mac, and the desktop version of GDevelop prevents THNK from working. No connections are even being attempted to be made. I can use the web editor for now, but a fix for this would be ideal.

  • I plan to release my game to many. Is there a way I can host a THNK Rooms/Relay server on a service like Heroku or Render?

  • Do scene changes automatically go to all clients? If so, can I use the Server and Client conditions again without any problems?

If you know how, please answer any question you feel comfortable answering! Thank you all for the help, and I hope you all have a great day.

(Because I discover new issues as they arise, I may update this post occasionally. If it’s been awhile I will start a new one (assuming that’s allowed in GDevelop’s Forum Community Guidelines.))