Issues when exporting to android

I have been making a game similar to the Rayman music levels. This involves multiple music channels which run from the beginning of the level and channels are muted if the player fails to collect coins or are unmuted if they collect later ones. I have this working fine when i run this straight from within gdevelop.
I have been trying to export this to android and have tried two methods.
First I exported using the option for intel xdk, and built it using xdk and this meant that the audio functionality worked but the graphics end up pixellated and seem very low resolution.

I also tried exporting as an html5 game and used XDK to turn this into an android app. This gave me the correct graphics resolution and it looks great but the audio does not stop when i tell it to.

After trying both of these options i used cocoon to build the app using both gdevelop export options and got the same results.

Does anyone have any ideas about what is going wrong?