Issues when viewing on mobile browsers

Hello, I was wondering if anybody could help with these issues i’m having when I view my game on the following mobile browsers.

(It may be worth noting that the template used for my game is the platform game one)

Mobile Safari -
When the game loads in landscape mode the game displays in full screen which is great because everything looks fine however once the user hits the top of the screen to activate the the URL bar a black bar appears across the bottom of the game which is the same height as the browser URL bar at the top, any ideas how to sort it?

Mobile Google Chrome -
When originally viewing the game in portrait mode and then turning the device to landscape mode the game appears to keep the portrait aspect ratio even when turned, the only way to get the game to display correctly once in landscape it to refresh the page which would be a bit of a pain for the user, any idea how this could be fixed?

Many thanks.

Those sound like the game is automatically resizing its aspect ratio in ways you don’t want.
Not too sure how to fix it, but but you can try the settings at: Game settings > Properties >Game resolution Resize Mode / Device orientation.

For Safari you can prevent it from auto-resize by changing Game Resolution Resize Mode.
For mobile Chrome, you can try Device Orientation to… Platform Default?

Note most of those problems should not happen if you export the application as android/IOS app, probably.