Issues with Saving/Loading

Good morning,

I’ve been working on this since last night and am not sure what I’m doing wrong. I even changed it up to be based on the Save Load example. The player hits the fire to bring up a hidden layer with the save/load/delete/close buttons.

The Load sends the player off screen (to -112, 32) for some reason while the fire is at 101, 176. It’s not even remembering the PlayerLevel.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Try to add Trigger Once in the load event maybe is executing several times when the load button is touched, and separate the existing events one by one, this is because you are trying to get two values from the Storage at the same time i don’t know isf that is possible, try
other event
PlayerY exists
other event
PlayerX exists

That didn’t work either, it’s still sending him off somewhere. I don’t know why
Maybe if I do a “Save & Quit” which takes it back to the main menu and restarts the scene?


^ That is when starting a new scene the load.

^ Saving by the bonfire

^ Main menu

Save & Quit still resulted in the player teleporting out of bounds. I can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong with the X/Y storage.

Edit2 (Sorry): Do I have to use the “Load a storage from Memory”?

it looks ok for me. you can see the storage itself from the “developer tools” menu. just for clarify the save fails or the load. and when you save to storage, maybe better identify the game. because may be an another game use the “save1” storage too.
here a screenshot, how I use now the storage. for me, this is work fine.

this events are part of an “at the beginning of the screen” group. and as you see, I don’t use events for this.

Maybe it ain’t the code. For some reason when I click anywhere it sends my guy to the netherrealm (that same out of boundaries coordinate)

Then it’s “the code” (the events).