It is possible to create a "swinging" mechanic?

I am trying to make a platformer game on 2D. Been doing trial and errors on the physics behaviour on the engine but I can’t seem to get it right. Any suggestions on how to make a mechanic like this? Thanks for the incoming replies :smiley: :smiley:

Be more explicit, what do you want to make “swinging”, do you have example of the desired effect ? If if related to your character or mobster, better to make it directly through sprites animations.

?? :confused:

Something like a Spider-man game?
If so, you’ll need physics joints, specifically distance joints, and GD has those, but they are difficult to use… but not impossible, sadly I have no time to make some tests with it, I don’t know even how “feasible” it’s, but as I said I think it’s possible :neutral_face:

Sorry about that, sometimes my mind go really messed up when thinking about code logic that it affects how I speak/type to other people. :frowning:

Not a 3D game. Somewhat like Tarzan swinging from vines in Tarzan game from PS1.

Thanks anyways guys. Gonna try to pull this off, for the meantime I made it into like a grappling hook but without the sprite that it hooks to the hookable joint. Since I am bad at messing with sprites with direction and scaling. :smiley: