Iterating Child Variables

Is it possible to use a while loop to create a loop that keeps on creating child variables for a structure?
Like name the child variables 1, 2, 3, ect.
I know it is an infinite loop but I will be adding conditions so that it doesn’t crash.

Of couse, “very possible” :laughing:

I didn’t test it, but should work:

set Variable(i) = 0 While (Condition) Variable(yourStruct.Variable(i).ValueA) = valueA Variable(yourStruct.Variable(i).ValueB) = valueB Variable(yourStruct.Variable(i).ValueC) = valueC do Variable(i) += 1 (actions to make Condition become "false")

The variable “i” is a counter to change the struct item every iteration.

It will create a structure like this:


Thanks for the expert reply.
I’ll test it now.

Ran in to trouble almost right away.
Don’t forget that you can’t use the Variable syntax (Variable(variablename)) when you are setting a variable to a value.
At least I don’t think you can. Any help on that?
Or do I need to code an extra C++ file?
Also if I do need to code C++, you’ll have to tell me how because I only have experience with Python and Java.

I think Lizard 13 answer was king of pseudo code, at least it’s not the right syntax :slight_smile:
But you can use the brackets notation :


This syntax can be used anywhere a variable is required:

Set yourStruct[ToString(Variable(i))].ValueA to 0 Set variable Score to yourStruct["Player"+ToString(Variable(PlayerIndex))] to 100

More information at the end of this page: :slight_smile: … evariables

It would be nice to add detailed information about using structure variables to this page with examples, or for beginners it is too short and not very usefull.
I liked the example of Lizard13 with Primitive drawing where he uses structure variables. I still use it like reference when I need to work with structures:
File: RectangleDraw.gdg

Yeah, it’s a pseudocode but the wrong syntax was unintentional :blush:
I didn’t check this, and I think usually use this bad syntax, then I realize it doesn’t work and correct it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhhhh thanks.
I’ll be testing tomorrow because I don’t have time :smiley:.

Nope, tested and the structure system doesn’t seem to work for me. However, you game did give me an idea. I can simply save the child variables in invisible objects :smiley:

You can upload your game (with images better) here to check the error, otherway you’ll never know why it doesn’t work :slight_smile: