Javascript list of runtimeScene object-group objects

Hi all,

Can’t seem to find anything related to this, but it should be definitely doable?

I want to write a javascript variable that stores a list of objects within an object-group. This method will allow me to store multiple object-groups objects in multiple variables.

Something like “var group = runtimeScene.getObjects(groupName)”?

Setting objects in javascript code to an object-group behaves exactly what i want, but i also want to be able to declare multiple groups.


Objects group are resolved and used at the moment of code generation only, as a part of the object picking process. At runtime, they don’t exist anymore.
When scripting via javascript events, you have to do the object picking yourself, including grouping objects list by yourself, like this: let objects = runtimeScene.getObjects("object1").concat(runtimeScene.getObjects("object2")).concat(....

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ooo… Got it! Thanks.