Jittering camera when using Physics 2.0

Hi, I’m trying to make a prototype of a platformer game. I’m using ‘Physics2’ behavior to make this. The problem is, when I try to make the camera follow the player it starts jittering.

I tried changing to the ‘Platformer’ behavior. It works, the jitter is gone. But in the future, I require using physics so I can rotate objects around and do more physics stuff.

So, is there any way to modify it so that the either the player movement or the camera movement become smoother ?

Thanks in advanced, English is not my main language so sorry if there is a mistake.

Can you show me your events?

Your events seems ok. Whats the resolution of your project? I noticed some jitter on my lerp camera doing a low res platformer

You could look at building in a tolerance into the camera movement. So give the distance from camera to player a bit of leeway before you start to lerp the camera towards the player. It’s pretty much a “if the distance between camera and player is greater than a given amount, then lerp the camera towards the player” situation.

Another way could be to modify the physics settings, and increase friction or linear dampening.

This is the game file if you wanted to check for it :

For now I’ll just use the Platformer behavior and make it simple.

I’ll check out the game.

The issue won’t go away when you start to use the physics behaviour again. So why not address it now?

Scratch that. Wrong code :frowning:

I’m wondering if it’s a Physics engine effect, and it’s updates not being run at the same speed as the the game events? A little searching uncovered this thread, where someone had a similar effect occur.

It may just be a case of using the platformer behaviours. :man_shrugging:

I see, thanks for the info.