Jittery animation

I’m a total beginner but I have managed to get a lift working for my character (ilsa). When she walks into the lift it automatically goes down and stops at a platform, she gets out and when she gets back in it goes up to it’s original position. Took me ages to figure out the code! The issue is that on the way up she jitters, as does the background, which is parallax. On the way down all smooth. I wonder if it’s something about her animation getting mixed up with the parallax?

Also, I put all the elements of the lift into a group, which works great to make the code work… but is it possible to drag a group onto the level editor stage? It would be very useful when repeating multi-object items.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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Check out this thread for a work around to the known issue.

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Not question related but these screenshots look awesome! Do you mind sharing some more of this game?

Thank you MrMen, that’s a big help. :slight_smile:

Thanks DukeSilver! Yes, I can share some more… but just now there isn’t a lot more to share! I’m still on chapter 1 of the basic ‘How to make a platform game’ tutorial. The difference is that I wanted to use my own art, so I’ve also been on a journey of learning how to make art, animation, etc, work in game dev. I always start tutorials then go off piste! Having said that the concept has grown into a design for a whole game and story. I’ll put together a post about how far I’ve got in the showcase section soon. There’s no doubt I’m having such fun learning GDev! :smile:

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@Wow your art is lovely, I am looking forward for trting it when you need your first batch if feedback!

The approach @MrMen suggested is the way to go for now, before it is fixed.

As an additional suggestion for your lift mechanics, the use of “Game States” logic concept will make things easier, including applying the workaround suggested and removing it later: Working with Game States and Finite State Machine

For the look of you game, 1 word: WOW! (Ba-dum-tsssss)

Thank you Paulera for your kind words. I’ll look into your suggestion about game states. Looks really useful. Thanks too for offering feedback on my ‘game’. Just now I’m going to concentrate on building assets, mostly monsters. I’ve taken the route of hand drawn frame by frame animation which is a bit of a mistake because it’s so long winded, but on the other hand gives the art a fairly unique style. Also, I’ve played around with Spriter, even 3D, but I’m not drawn to the feel and look of the animation.

Am now thinking WOW! This is all going to be so much work!

That’s awesome! I am on a similar road, also learning about game making and creating my own art. It really is so much fun! Can’t wait for your updates!

Heh, artists who are picking up programming are in an enviable position. Most devs would give an appendage or their first born to have some sort of art skill/ability. Please make the most of it, and this forum, to help you create awesome looking and playing games :smiley:

We’ll all looking forward to any update you all may have, no matter how little the change.