Json and Dreamlo and Android

I ran into this problem. Maybe it’s already known to other users, but I haven’t found a post where they talk about it.
I created a little game, the ranking of which must be saved in the space made available by http://dreamlo.com.
In the Gdevelop preview everything works perfectly: load the ranking from the Dreamlo site, convert it with Json and assign the data to the various global variables. Variables are assigned to text objects and displayed in game.
I convert the game to Android and install it on my smartphone. I start the game on my smartphone and I notice that it doesn’t load data from Dreamlo, in fact all the data is “0”.

rectification. On some android devices it works and on others it doesn’t. (On Android 10 it doesn’t work … on Android 7, yes).
I’ll try to test it on other devices.

Maybe that
“WebGL builds hosted at itchio and other services as well as some versions of Android may need SSL to work!


I have to go deeper. I will do some tests on various devices and try to understand. In fact, the Dreamlo site is an “http”, while the SSL certificates only accept “https” sites. I’ll do some tests …

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Android 10 – NO

Android 7 – YES
Android 8 – YES

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I would like to know how did you made the Leaderboard work…An example will be kind :blush:

ok Ruhan, the time (just a few days) that I finish the whole process to have the ranking read and written on the net and I will post the screens of the procedure.

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I had the same problem

Thank you. I had already read your post and compared it with my commands. The problem seems to occur only with Android 10. In this weekend, however, I will use the APK on other phones and on other Android 10, I want to check if on all Android 10 it has the same block or only on some. After the tests I will keep you informed.

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I have tested the game (in reference to Json and Dreamlo) on some devices.
For devices with Android 8 and below there is no problem.
With devices with Android 9 and 10, the Json variable returns all values to “0”, practically unable to communicate with Dreamlo (it does not read or write). I tried with 5 devices: 2 Android 9 and 3 Android 10. All 5 devices were from Samsung, but different models.

For devices with Android 8 (and below) regardless of brand: both Samsung and others, the Json variable works correctly: it reads and writes in Dreamlo.

Sorry I’m late. I’ll post two screenshots with the code I used to write and read on the Dreamlo site. Obviously first you have to register on the site http://dreamlo.com, which will send you the access codes by email (which would be the ones that I have obscured in the two screenshots that will follow)

questo è il codice di GDevelop usato per leggere dal sito e trasferire i dati dalla variabile Json a quelle che poi userò nel game

wow thanks …btw can you find some time to make a exaple project and share with everyone? It will be kind :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

questo è per scrivere nel sito le tue variabili

Hello Salvatore,
the solution is to insert a timer. Is it correct ?

The screen above is for writing your variables to the site.
The organization of the data is done by the site itself based on the parameters that you will indicate (really very simple and intuitive).
Keep in mind that at the moment it does not work for Android 9 and Android 10. I will try to carry out tests to run it on the latest two versions of android … which I will communicate as soon as I succeed.

I inserted the timer to give the network time to transfer data from the site to the mobile phone, because I had noticed that the mobile passed over without waiting for the data to be loaded. it only takes 2 seconds

Ciao, la faccio rapida in italiano, cosa ti hanno inviato quell idi dreamlo.com. Non mi è chiaro che differenza c’è rispetto a prima (a parte il timer) ?

GOOGLE TRANSLACTION:Hi, I’ll do it quickly in Italian, what those dreamlo.com sent you. It is not clear to me what difference there is compared to before (at first the timer)

Dreamlo only gives you the codes to be able to write your data on their site and to be able to read them later. Obviously the data must be entered according to the sequence that the Dreamlo site indicates to you.

Sign up on the site (get the free one) and you will see among the brief explanations that will show you how to enter and read the data.