Jump again animation

How do i get it so when my player bounces on a trampoline the jumping animation plays each time he bounces. Currently the animation plays once then freezes at the last frame and doesn’t start again

What you can do in this case:

When you’d like the animation to play again, you can use an action to change the current frame of the animation. You will just have to set it to frame 0 when you’d like it to replay.

Please post a screenshot of your events so that we know what you did and how we can help you :wink:

As Blahooga said, in your event that sets a trampoline animation when touching the trampoline, you can also set the animation frame to 0 (the beginning), so that if it is already on this animation, it restarts it.

As Arthuro said, you have to show the events to know where the error is (there are many ways to do the same thing but the base structure of the events depends on that). As Blahooga mentioned, one option is that in the jump event the action always includes going to the jump animation, going to frame 0, and then playing the animation (in this order). This makes the animation always play regardless of whether the character is in the jump animation or not.

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