Jump from side to side

how do I make my character jump from side to side with only one click at a time?
and also make him flip horizontally as he jumps.

Did you try to implement this mechanic and can show some events? If not you need to be more precise: “jumping from side to side” - from one end of the screen to the other or just a few pixels?

I have tried “when player jump move player to platform” so far so good.
But I can’t find a way when the player jumps again to go to the next platform with only one click at a time.
And flip in the process.

I am still not sure if I understand the concept of your game, but if it is about having platforms along the y-axis and your player jumps automatically from one platform to the other with one click you could probably achieve that with the tween behavior. Flipping your object is a standard action you can find under Effects.
For automatically choosing the next higher platform you might need to use variables (add a variable to each platform and choose the next one by the current + 1). That’s what I would try but probably someone else can make a better suggestion how to achieve that.

Thanks its was very helpful.

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