Jump once only, PlatformerObject behaviour

Hi, so I’m new to Gdevelop and game making in general. I have a question about Platforming. So I’m using the PlatformerObject behaviour for my player object. My issue is when you hold down space it jumps over and over. I would like to set it as only one jump per press. I have found some ideas online to put into then events tab but it seems the PlatformerObject behaviour overrides it and the object continues to jump while pressed and held down. Does anyone know how I can fix this. I would like to continue to use the PlatformObject behaviour as it has all I want at its core. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you not using the Platformer Character Behaviour? Because that is the right behaviour to add on your player in a platformer game.

Yes, I am. But it adds a weird behaviour of if you hold jump down (space bar) the character keeps jumping. I just want it to jump once per press. Any clues?

This has been asked a few times. Always ensure you are searching before making a new thread.

Here’s the most recent post I made on this with a screenshot example of evenets on one way to handle this. Holding "Jump" button jumps once - #3 by Silver-Streak

If you didnt add thia commad then add it.

Wesley from the team contacted me with the fix. I needed to uncheck Default controls in the Platfomerobject menu and program my own. Once I did that the logic you posted works. If the Default controls is checked it won’t work.

If your not using the behaviour then you will need to use the behaviour
“Tween”.Here’s how you use it.

I have no idea how this tween process is meant to relate to how to jump only once, however: Under no circumstances should you ever combine tweens with any movement behavior.

The movement behaviors use internal code that are not compatible with each other, nor tweens. Tweens will not respect any collision or platforms, and should not be combined with movement behaviors.

At most you could use forces, but even that will conflict.

So this line of programming fixed it. More importantly it left all the other pre-programmed interactions like wall jumping and ladders intact and working. Some of the other solutions I found interfered with them. Thanks all for help

Stump that, it works with everything but being able to climb ladders from the floor. You need to jump into them. Any ideas on some code to avoid that.

So this a new logic I have used and its removed a lot of the issues. It keeps all the in built platform behaviour intact like wall jumping and ladder climbing. Hope others find it useful. The Boolean Value is on the player character object .