Jump timing leeway - Jumping just before you land on the platform & Just After you walk off a platform

I am trying to introduce this jump technique into my game. So that players have a tiny bit of leeway in there jump timings.

This is after doing a small game test in a pub and I had feedback that the controls were “Slow” when really they were a little delayed in there jump timing.
So what i’m trying to do is . . .
One - Ability to jump just before landing on the floor.
Two - Ability to jump just after you run off the platform
(I’m talking a tiny bit of leeway here)

Here is a video of what i’m trying to execute. (Tip 1 & 2)
[5 Reasons Your Indie Platformer Game Sucks! (+Easy Fix!) - YouTube](http://Example of One & Two on youtube)

Another Issue I might be why I cant get it to work is I have a Double Jump & Mario style jump (Longer you hold jump . … The higher you jump) setup as shown in the images. . .

I have tried setting up a timer to allow a jump just before landing on the platform but it doesent seem to work. . . :frowning:

Any advice would be much appreciated and thank you for your help in advance.

Best wishes,

How about allowing a jump if player distance to platform is < 5? :thinking:

Thank Gruk for the good suggestion.
Testing it . . . In my setup its just turning off the jump button, You see where I’m going wrong?

For your second item (jumping slightly after leaving the platform, sometimes called coyote time), add a second platform type, set it as jump through, align it with your existing platforms but drag it slightly wider, the at the start of scene hide the jumpthrough platforms.