Jumping and Z-axis in the top-down beheviour


In theory, it is possible to make a top-down view platformer (like “Sonic 3D blast” and the Mario RPGs) in GDevelop, But it’s hard and time consuming, even for just a demo.
It would be a lot easier if there was a “jump” event for the top-down movement objects and some kind of (real) Z-axis.
edit: I may add that it would be a killer feature, as most of the other engines don’t have it.
edit2: they should also include a “surface+stairs” behavior in which you can edit the position in the Z-axis, and to which side the surface is leaning if it’s meant to be a stairway like in the video.
edit3: It would look like something like this:TDJmockup
edit4: Here’s how it’s done in GameMaker studio:

but it’s too complicated IMO, it would be an advantage to GDevelop to have a Z-axis.

edit5 A trello card have been added for this feature (2.5D platformer engine),if you’re interested, up-vote it here: Trello


I think tou can reproduce it with Gdevelop even now, using object variables 3Dx, 3Dy, 3Dz and calculating X and Y position by them (x = 3Dx, y = 3Dy + coeff * 3Dz

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Thank you for your suggestion, I tried multiple methods (and failed) but not not this, I will try it.

But I still think that the GDevelop should implement it right in the editor instead of having to rewrite the game’s logic like in the other engines, having this formula of games made easy in GDevelop has a lot of potential to make it more popular IMO, what do you think?